Dr. Hamilton

William F. Hamilton, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Florida School of Medicine
District Eight Medical Examiner, State of Florida

Curriculum Vitae

Currently Involved In:

I provide surgical pathology and cytology diagnostic services at the University of Florida Diagnostic Reference Laboratory. I am the Chief Medical Examiner at the Eighth Medical Examiner District, serving seven counties in North Central Florida. I am involved in teaching forensic pathology and related topics in forensic science to medical students and residents. I provide frequent medicolegal consultations for officials of the courts, law enforcement and public health agencies.

Professional Associations:
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
National Association of Medical Examiners
Florida Association of Medical Examiners
College of American Pathologists
United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
American Society for Clinical Pathology
American Medical Association
Florida Medical Association
Alachua County Medical Society